This report presents the preliminary results of the Tuvalu Population and Housing MiniCensus 2017. The Census provides a snapshot of the country at the specified night of 12th November, 2017.

It is the first census to be held in Tuvalu within a 5 year period at most followed a 10 year time-frame since the country’s independence in 1978, it is called a ‘Mini-Census’ as it does not cover all of the usual process requiring of the censuses proceedings.

The report however is formulated purposely for key stakeholders, and in particular the Government of Tuvalu to access and uses at any time of the statistical outputs produced before the census reports is readily compiled and officially disseminating. The preliminary report focuses mainly on the resident population, and only a few on household data. This report displays the data using graphs to help users visualize and compare the data or different variables with previous data.

Download the full report below: