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Basic demographic statistics include national population numbers disaggregated by age and sex; age dependency and sex ratios; crude birth, death and migration rates; annual population growth rates, including rural and urban growth rates; and key demographic indicators such as fertility, mortality and migrations rates.

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Births and Deaths 2018-2020

Tuvalu Central Statistics Division collects births and deaths recorded by the Public Health Department and run analyses that produce tables outlining indicators such as total deaths per year by month and more. A total of 257 births and 86 deaths were recorded for the...

Migration 2018-2020

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 has resulted in 0 visitors from April to June for the year 2020. Repatriation flights commenced in September 2020. A total of 7,746 arrivals were recorded for the year 2018 and approximately 40% of the arrivals were...