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International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP).

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The International Merchandise Trade (IMTS) statistics provides information on Tuvalu’s exports, re-exports and imports of goods between Tuvalu, and the rest of the world. The administrative data used to compile the release is supplied by the Tuvalu Customs department through the online ASYCUDA system.

The Tuvalu CSD compiles the IMTS reports on a quarterly basis with the aim of providing users with relevant trade data that can be applied to develop better planning and consult trade deals in order to develop progress on relevant trade policies.


In 2023, Total Imports peaked in June with approximately $7.07 million, while its lowest value was recorded in December with an estimate of $2.58 million. The main contributors to the import rise in June 2023 were;

  • Machinery & mechanical & electrical appliances & parts thereof ($3.89 million)
  • Mineral Products ($1.29 million)
  • Prepared foodstuffs, beverages, spirits & tobacco ($0.40 million)
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The trend of Total Exports revealed that Tuvalu had gradually regained its travel access after COVID 19 travel restrictions from 2020 to 2022. In January 2023, Tuvalu recorded its lowest value of exports with approximately $5.17 thousand, while its greatest export was recorded in October with approximately $33.2 thousand. Total Exports in October 2023 overall comprises of *Mineral Products1 ($33.2 thousand).

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Balance of Trade

Tuvalu’s lowest monthly Trade Balance was recorded in December 2023 as $2.56 million deficit whereas in June 2023, Tuvalu recorded its greatest deficit of $7.04 million. From June to December, an ascending Trade Balance is revealed due to a considerable decline in total imports along with a steady export.

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Trade Markets

Trade by Partner Country indicates a prominent trade link between Tuvalu and its Pacific neighboring countries – approximately 65% or $42.16 million of total imports were from Australia (45%) and Fiji (20%), meanwhile 93% of total exports were exported to Fiji. An accumulative 22% or $14.06 million of total imports were from Asian regional countries of Singapore, China, and Japan.

Graph – Imports
Graph – Exports
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For more information, click the buttons below to download the IMTS Report and IMTS Release Tables.

  1. *Mineral Products refers to re-fuels of Airlines travelling out from Tuvalu. ↩︎

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