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CSD is recruiting Tuvaluan fieldworkers for the Tuvalu Long Form Census (LFC) which is scheduled to be conducted later in the year 2022. The LFC is a census that is conducted in conjunction with the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES). Interested persons are to complete the application form and submit the form to CSD either via email to lpeleti@gov.tv, to the nearest island council (Kaupule), or in-person to the CSD office. The advertisement and the application form are linked below. The form will also be shared with the island councils. Applicants are advised to submit along with the form, documents such as references, academic transcripts, certificates, and any other document they deem relevant to their application.

Application Form-090822

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Mini Census 2017

Mini Census 2017

This report presents the preliminary results of the Tuvalu Population and Housing MiniCensus 2017. The Census provides a snapshot of the country at the specified night of 12th November, 2017. It is the first census to be held in Tuvalu within a 5 year period at most...